Pinot Noir - Expression of Terroir

The concept of “terroir” can sometimes seem somewhat vague, but we believe that nowhere is it better illustrated than across our three single vineyard Pinot Noirs.

All grown at similar yields and consist of similar clones. The three wines are made the same way: destemmed and crushed, natural ferment, hand plunged daily and a long post ferment maceration on skins. The differences sit in the soil, aspect and location of the vineyards.

Seresin Estate Noa Vineyard


The fruit comes from an area tucked in the lee of the terrace protected with little exposure and is cool, as it is next to the creek. The soil is alluvial, with a mixture of fine gravels and silts.

Noa tends to have a delicate nature, with silky fine tannins, and pretty aromatics.

Seresin Estate Tatou Pinot Noir


The Tatou vineyard sits at the original convergence of the Waihopai and Wairau rivers, and therefore has a stony and disrupted soil profile, with many larger rocks and sparse topsoil.

Tatou is less overtly fruit, and with broad shouldered tannins and an austere structure.

Seresin Raupo Creek Pinot Noir


The single-vineyard fruit comes from a north facing slope. The soil is clay based, with some windblown silt. The top of the hill is exposed, ripens at an earlier stage and is drier.

Raupo Creek expresses a blend of characters – dark fruit and a sense of breadth and richness, yet with a cool, crisp acidity.

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