Behind the wine: Biodynamics

Truly great wine reflects the life and energy in our soils and on our soils - the bugs, the plants, the animals and people in our vineyards, gardens, and winery. It comes from thoughtful observance, reflection and experience. It comes from experimentation, diversity and the energy, enthusiasm and creativity to try new things and question the established routines.

Influenced by weather, the complex biology of our soils and ferments, it is unpredictable, difficult and sometimes frustrating, but also provides wonderful surprises and opens up new opportunities and pathways. Greatness seldom comes easily or by accident.  We accept, embrace and try to work with nature and all her challenges.

We strive to understand our ever changing weather systems and what it means for our soils, plants, grapes, and fermentations - even considering lunar and planetary influences, as our ancestors did. Making pruning, shoot thinning and crop thinning decisions with empathy and an eye for achieving a healthy, balanced vine.  We use our senses of smell and taste; picking up the scent of flowering, tasting the changing flavours of grapes and olives as they ripen to make picking decisions, and countless tastings, blends and re-tastings to create our final wines and olive oils.

We use organic and biodynamic principles – no chemicals.  We have a unique Raupo Creek vineyard with different soils and aspects – 8 varieties of grapes comprising dozens of different clones, 5 varieties of olives, vegetables, fruit, livestock and native plantings.  We are training our vines’ roots down, to reduce the need for irrigation, to protect our scarce water resources.  Practicing biodynamics we feed our soils, plants and animals naturally and healthily from our own composts, mulches and crops. Vines work harder for us, and we keep them healthy with liberal applications of seaweed tea, compost teas and biodynamic preparations.  We prune and thin so our vines carry less fruit, to assist vine health and balance but also for fruit quality.  We pick as much of our harvest by hand as possible - for wine quality and style.  All of our Seresin Estate wines are fermented naturally using wild yeast and different portions are grown and fermented separately to give us a wide variety of different characteristics – allowing freedom and creativity in our blending decisions.  This is our biodynamic culture.  

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