Spring in the winery

In the winery, we have been busy preparing the early release MOMO wines from this vintage. They are showing the vintage beautifully, with vibrant fruit and a great deal of vitality, freshness and varietal typicity. Its wonderful to get them into bottle and to the world!

After the dark, cold months of winter have passed us by, it’s a good time to focus on the wines that have been resting in barrel over these months – all of our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, a portion of Sauvignon Blanc, and lastly, the white aromatics. The majority of these wines are well on their way to finishing malolactic fermentation, so we are constantly assessing each blend closely. We do this by tasting, and analysing in the laboratory to make decisions on stirring, racking, eventually blending, and also the aging of these wines – what type of barrel, and for how long. There are many decisions to be made, each batch is very unique!

We are also working closely on our Beautiful Chaos wines that are currently resting in Amphora, making our blending decisions and working towards guiding these wines in bottle, naturally.

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