ArtDEGO 2016

Earlier this year we were delighted to collaborate with Red Leap Theatre and Chef Dariush Lolaiy to be part of ArtDEGO 2016: an event involving some of New Zealand's most talented arts and hospitality leaders producing an inspiring dining and performance experience.  


The scent of orange blossom fills the gallery, and a traveller journeys through time across a vast landscape following a flock of sparkling, migrating birds. Through their journey we celebrate a life passing.

Dariush attended actors’ workshops and theatre rehearsals, and in that process told his own family’s story of migration. Red Leap composed music and a performance of song and puppetry was created, and a nostalgic Iranian feast was served. Beautiful golden skewers of venison shoulder and heart were cooked over coals, the tables were laden with generous sides of flatbread, hummus, barberry and sumac to recall a forgotten land and a bygone time. Paired beautifully with Seresin Raupo Creek Pinot Noir.







Photos: Emily Raftery Photography



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