Pinot Noir 17 - Embrace. Explore. Evolve

Inspired by old world philisophies, our range of Pinot Noir’s are selected for their soil, aspect and location within the vineyards. Made with minimal intervention, each bottle is a reflection of its terroir.

Pinot Noir NZ has fast become ‘the place to be’ for Pinot Noir lovers.  The celebration held every four years on the Wellington Waterfront in February, attract wine lovers from around the world gathered to talk, drink and breathe the variety. Held over three days, our winemakers Clive, Jordan and Rosie attended the conference to participate in workshops, discussions and tastings dedicated to the variety that has defined our winery’s passion. The Seresin Sun & Moon 2012 was our selected ‘roadmarker wine’ presented within the afternoon regional road trip tasting sessions - participating in discussions within the themes Embrace. Explore. Evolve.

Please visit the Pinot Noir NZ Website for information about the event and make sure to see the Pinot Noir NZ Vimeo Channel for the keynote speeches. The video of Elaine Chukan Brown, presented on Day 3 was particularly appreciated by our winemakers. 

Photos by Pinot Noir NZ 

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