Stinging Nettle tea preparation

Last week we harvested Stinging Nettle from our Biodynamic preparation garden. The Stinging Nettle was made into our own tea by suspending sacks into warm water with our own Biodynamic compost preparations aiding the fermentation process. The “tea bags” were steeped for 48 hours before they were removed. The fermentation will continue for a few more days while being  dynamised (stirred in alternating directions, creating vortices) to keep it aerated. Once the tea is finished it can be used immediately or stored. It has a pungent but sweet, sea, grassy smell to it.

A small amount of this tea will be added to our Preparation 501 spray next week, which is sprayed onto the foliage of the vines. This can help increase resistance to pests and diseases, aids in photosynthesis and provides trace elements. The balance will be used in our nutrition sprays after harvest.

Seresin nettle tea preparation


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